We care deeply about making things the right way. Now, as a sustainable company we believe in mindful, careful consumption and we have a responsibility to make sure our garments are produced under conditions and with materials that meet ethical standards.

We therefore decided to breathe life into items that might otherwise decompose at a landfill. But not only that. C&S also critically asks the question of how the onslaught of second-hand waste that East Africa receives from Western non-profits and wholesalers creates different realities for the fashion industry here altogether. But they are more than that: they are also unique. Each piece is made from carefully disassembled second hand clothing and sewn together to create a whole different, new and individual story.

Our resources are finite – thus, we have to find a way to provide for the needs of future generations. The careless use of our resources endangers “integrity, stability and beauty” of our planet.

We strive to uphold exactly that - integrity, stability and beauty – through our design, tying aesthetics and ethics. But wasting waste is also a waste of resources. This is why our mantra consists of upcycling.