CATHERINE & SONS is clothing production company located in Kampala, Uganda

We Make Clothes, And Stuff. Now, most of the clothes we sell just happen to be produced ethically in the workshop. As an ethical company we have a responsibility to create sustainable jobs, based on local skills, supply chains and make sure that our garments are produced under conditions and materials that meet international ethical standards.

What We Do

All our production is local. In our opinion, there are several advantages on producing locally. Quality, passion for details and rigorous workmanship are the core elements of distinction of the company. We think globally, act locally.

Made in Uganda

Styled for conscious, modern living. We love colour, natural fibers, bold prints, and above all, working in a positive way for people and the environment! We design and make everything in-house at our fair trade production workshop in Kampala, Uganda.

We Make Clothes. And Stuff.

Custom Manufacturing - Work With Us! We're happy to work with new clients as our production schedule permits and grow our fair trade business! We work with both independent designers and brands on small to medium batch production.